Our products


The use of carefully selected raw materials and generous storage of final product together with delivery punctuality, allow the Company to have an optimistic view of an even better future, holding a considerable Italian market share and an important presence in the European markets.

Recarburizers and swelling products

Ferroalloys, Inoculant briquettes for use in cupola furnace

Silicon Metal


Our castings are according to customer’s drawing and complete with mechanical machining: we can produce castings up to 4,000 kg.

Together with castings, we produce forgings made of copper and its alloys, and solded parts for different uses: both products are supplied complete with mechanical machining.


Silicon Metal

Silica Fume


Briquettes are produced using different materials (FeSi - SiC - FeMn - FeP – FeCr), different proportion of the ingredients and shapes (hexagon, cylinder, parallelepipedon), and packed on pallets, in big bags and/or bulked.

Metalleghe production

Our products

  • Ferroalloys, carbon products and additives
  • Copper components
  • Foundry briquettes
  • Silicon Metal
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